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13 December 2018 Jiradet Ketkaew


   New concept high performance cutter for Aluminum milling. Whit precise PCD brazed inserts and cartridge , height adjustment is not required after clamping the inserts on the cutter. All the inserts have wiper portion on the edge to improve surface roughness of the workpeice.

SX1,SX2,SX8,SP2 Si3N4 Type

Mainly composed of silicon nitride (Si3N4), these inserts with excellent toughness and wear resistance are stable during rough turning and milling of cast iron with coolant. Their performance during rough turning is outstanding.
rough turning and milling of gray cast iron

HC1,Hw2 Al2O3 Type

Mainly composed of highly pure alumina (Al2O3), these inserts have a very dense fine grain structure and have superior wear resistance and fracture toughness.
General turning and boring of gray cast iron Tube scarfing

HC2,HC4-HC5 Al2O3-TiC Type

Its excellent hight temperature hardness and reduced plastic deformation allows a wide range of applications including finish machining of hardened materials. HC5 has superior performance in roll turning.
General turning and boring of gray cast iron Turning of heat resistant alloys Turning of hard materials (under HRC65)

T3N,T15,C30,C50,N20,N40 Cermet

NTK cermet series is lined up by TiC-Ti based T3N, T15, C30, has great wear resistance. C50 has excellent thermal shock resistance.N20, N40 have great toughness and wear resistance.
Semi-finish and grooving of steel Turning of bearing parts and general milling

Z15,Z50,Q15Q50 PVD Coated Cermet

These grades are coated by PVD to improve ear resistance.
Semi-finish and finishing turning of steel and ductile cast iron.


These inserts, composed of CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride) and special ceramic binder, have high hardness at room temperature and high temperatures and less affinity to work piece materials, allowing efficient high speed machining of hardened steels and gray cast iron.
High speed finish turning of hard materials (over HRC60) and gray cast iron with coolant. High speed milling of gray cast iron